The Indian National Congress has always represented a secular,

democratic, just and inclusive India - an India that is empowering the disadvantaged and the discriminated; and India that is blending tradition with modernity; an India that is anchored in unity amidst its many diversities.

  • 1 Vision
    Robust and vibrant democracy with inclusive representation.
  • 2 Mission
    To improve urban voting in the nation.
    To strengthen the ties between Indian National Congress and the professionals community.

Circa 3000 BC, history was in the making when our great nation played cradle to the Indus Valley Civilization, the most revered and oldest of its kind. great value.

Yet, in the same breath, we all painfully acknowledge that contemporary India is plagued by predicaments of sorts, which has sadly become a butt of the joke for the “developed nations”. What they fail to remember is that, the territory that we call our country today, until recently had always been a collage of warring princely provinces, under constant attack from foreign forces. The British colonization only gave these hostile neighbors a common objective to fight for, which united them and thus was conceived India. In fact, when our nation finally got its independence after a long standing struggle that took the toll of millions of lives, its natural resources had already been depleted and its riches were plundered ruthlessly. Consequently, the large masses of foes turned friends were left high and dry with a sapped nation and a daunting task of running a new born state with little resources. With that said, it’s only fair to say that the success we have achieved in these 67 years is no mean feat. True, in comparison to a lot of other countries that are seemingly better poised than us today, it may appear that we have a long way to go. Yet, the fact is, we have done exceedingly well in maintaining our sovereignty, succeeding in competition with larger economies, industrial growth and more importantly securing the future of our nation. Of course, there are a lot of social menaces that are keeping us from achieving the heights we are worthy of, which can only be decimated by a strong engagement between the professionals’ fraternity and the administration. All our dear countrymen are invited to join hands in this movement and make a covenant to re-build our nation.

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