Since families and careers understandably make up our priority, we make a reasonable cut back on the time we spare for entertainment and relaxation during weekends.

Past Events

1. Website of Shri Dinesh Gundu Rao

Though Dinesh had a website since many years, the contemporary leader that he is, felt the need to connect to the public in a better and a faster way. We took up this daunting assignment of building a whole new website that outlined his various facets from different walks of life. In the process, we consulted his wife Smt Tabassum Rao, his office and party colleagues that was required for us to develop the contents.

After a mammoth task that took nearly 4 months for completion, the website, which was interactive, personalized and swanky was ready. On xxth June 2014, at Hotel Atria, Bangalore, in an event organized by us, the brand new website and his Facebook page was inaugurated by Padma Bhushana awardee Shri Kris Gopalakrishnan, Vice-Chairman Infosys Group, President FICCI and a well-known philanthropist.

Since its launch, the website has forged a stronger alliance between the public and Dinesh. One of the most noteworthy achievements till date has been the successful enforcement of the new name of Sampige Road as xxx Iyengar Road. Unfazed by the challenges encountered since many years in his effort to persuade the authorities to implement the change of name that was ordered by BBMP, Shri Sridhar Mandyam, a resident of Malleshwaram kept pursuing the cause by contacting the office of Dinesh through the website. Even without so much as visiting the MLA office, the job was done within a few days, much to the delight of the residents of the neighborhood.

Today the website has turned out to be an alternate means of grievance redressal for those people who are cant meet Dinesh in person.

2. Symposium on urban voting in India (xx May 2014, Billiards Association, Bangalore)

Here is a snapshot of voting statistics for Bangalore during the 2009 Lok Sabha elections.

Bangalore Central: 44.55% turnout
Bangalore North: 46.72% turnout
Bangalore Rural: 57.92% turnout
Bangalore South: 44.65% turnout

At 69.21 % of voter turnout during the same elections, Kolar LS constituency of Karnataka which primarily consists of rural pockets makes a stark contrast to all Bangalore combined. So, is rural India more responsible towards the growth of the nation than their urban counterparts? Answer is not a simple yes/no.

Studies reveal that an average urbanite, is of the opinion that the candidates are incompetent and hence don’t deserve their vote. Consequently, there is a sense of alienation between the politicos and the urbanite which is why they don’t seek service from the elected representatives of their constituencies. As a result, a people’s representative is serving only those who cast their vote though he/she is under the constitutional obligation to serve every electorate.

In light of this long standing crisis, we organized a symposium on the role of the professionals’ fraternity in elections. Shri Roshan Baig, Hon’ble Minister for Information, Prof Raju Chandrashekar an internationally acclaimed academician and Prof Rajeev Gowda, MP (RS) shared their view with the audience on the occasion.

3. Website of Shri C Narasimhan

Shri C Narasimhan is the Chairman of Raasi Group of Companies, spanning the businesses of thermal power, insurance, IT etc. Since his college days he was an astute Congress man and had grown in the party rank and file in leaps and bounds. When he was elected as the MP from Krishnagiri constituency in 1996, he took up a slew of projects that would put the constituency on the fat track of growth. However, due to political instability, the union govt fell and the country went for polls again, leaving his ambition for his people in a limbo.

When we were introduced to him, we mooted the idea of developing an interactive website that would connect him directly to the electorate of his constituency. On xx Dec 2014, the website was launched by His Excellency The Governor of TN, Dr K Rosiah. Since then, the people of his constituency have converged on the website and have been supporting Narasimhan in his effort to work with the various Govts to complete the unfinished projects from his tenure.
4. Campaign for extended nightlife of Bangalore

From being a pensioner’s paradise in the 70s, Bangalore has morphed into a bustling international metro that lives life on the razor’s edge. Technology has exploded in the city with global corporations establishing their research centers. Due to globalization, a lot of these companies work round the clock and as a result, their needs and necessities are to be fulfilled during night as well. However, on account of the regulation from the Govt that require all shops and establishment to down the shutters by 11.30 pm, these companies and hence the professionals’ community too was left in the lurch.

Since were a part of the election manifesto committee during the 2013 assembly polls in the state, we tabled the proposal for extending the deadlines for eateries, past mid night. Within months of assuming office, the new govt took the views of the various stakeholders on this front and extended the deadline upto 1 m during weekends. F&B industry and public alike have cheered this policy of the Govt. Since then, commerce has been looking up and the residents of the city are experiencing long weekends. We are now advocating for a more wholesome night life by seeking round the clock public transportation and police protection for the city.

5. Cubbon Park Stakeholders’ Conclave

There are several cycling groups in city that meet up during the weekends in public places such as Cubbon Park, Lal Bagh etc for their activities. Despite repeated requests by these groups to the previous Govt, even the most basic facilities were not provided at these locations. When this brought to our notice, we took it up with the Govt authorities with the help of Shri Dinesh Gundu Rao. As a result of our efforts, Horticulture Dept approved the installation of cycle stands at a few locations.

On 22nd Feb 2014, Shri Dinesh Gundu Rao, Shri NA Haris and Prof Rajeev Gowda presided over a chief guests for the stakeholders’ conclave that we had organized at Cubbon Park. Cycle stands sponsored by Praja RAAG were installed at a couple of locations in the park. During the interaction, several groups gave representations to the Govt for promoting sporting events and facilities at Cubbon Park. We sought representation for the cell in the then recently announced committee for the Park.

6. Save Whitefield Campaign

From being a satellite township during the British regime, to a busy industrial estate post-independence, Whitefield has now emerged as the most sought after corridor for technology behemoths. Hundreds of gated communities have mushroomed in the neighborhood which is now crumbling under its own weight.

In an effort to ascertain the reasons leading to frequent traffic jams and congestions in the region, we conducted an online survey in which regular commuter and residents participated in large number and expressed their views. The data has been analyzed and the findings discussed with subject matter experts. A recommendation report to improve the conditions of the corridor has now been presented to the state govt which is mulling over the solutions that we have proposed. It is our opinion that when the Govt implement these measures, it will bring immense relief to the entire region that will improve the quality of life and industrial productivity.

7. Commuter Railway – Budget approval

It’s a well acknowledged fact that public transportation in the city needs urgent improvement. Experts opine that Metro can decongest only a few pocket of the city. This is exactly why the city needs a commuter rail service in the lines of New York, Mumbai etc. Though several organizations have been lobbying for this since almost two decades, no Govt had taken any action on this front. Since we were on the election manifesto committee of the 2014 assembly polls, we were successful in incorporating this program.

In its first budget that the Govt presented, a staggering Rs 8,579 Crs has been assigned for the CRS project which is envisaged to serve the adjoining towns of the city such as Tumkur and Ramanagara as well. Rs 200 Crs have been sanctioned towards ROBs and RUBs to be built across the city at the various level crossings which is one of the first steps towards realizing this project.

8. Road-trip: election campaigning

A handful of our office bearers hit the road travelling the length and breadth of the state for campaigning for the party candidates in the run upto the assembly elections of 2014. During this road trip, we campaigned in the constituencies of Davanagere, Ranebennur, Sagara, Sirsi and other interior frontiers of the state. We primarily interacted with the business communities of these regions.

9. Public engagement and consultation on election manifesto – March 2013

Since referendum is not maintainable under our constitution, the grouse of the common man is that his needs are not heard and hence unfulfilled by the govt. It is typically the programs and policies that are set forth in the election manifesto of any political party that gets implemented if they are voted to power.

10. Chikmagalur committee inauguration – July 2012

It’s a mandate for all cells and departments of the party to have committees across districts of the state. We launched of our first such chapter in the district of Chikmagalur with the young and well-known coffee entrepreneur, Utham Gowda as the committee president. Shri Mahima Patel who was then the district in charge from the party and the DCC president Mr Murthy attended the inauguration which saw the participation of several hundred residents of the region.

11. Graduates Constituency Elections – June 2012

In our expression of support to the party candidate Shri Ramoji Gowda, who contested in the Graduates constituency elections for the Legislative Council of the state, we enrolled closed to two thousand voters for the elections. We primarily enrolled working professionals from the neighborhood of Whitefield since it comprises of a sizable population of non-domicile residents of the state.

12. Inauguration of KPCC Professionals Cell – Jan 2012

After months of conducting adhoc programs in line with the objective of the cell, we had our first opportunity to present our progress report to the national leadership of the party. Taking due note of our need of such an effort which would augment the party, the leadership gave its consent to set up the cell formally as a recognized unit under the aegis of Karnataka PCC.

Dr G Paramashewara, who had mentored us from the inception, kicked off the state committee in a conference that we organized in the city in which hundreds of professionals participated with a lot of enthusiasm. The other chief guests on the occasion Shri Krishna Byre Gowda, Shri Dinesh Gundu Rao, Shri NA Haris, Shri Narendra Babu, Shri Nivedit Alva, Shri Hussain congratulated us on the feat and encouraged us to serve the society and the party in our spare time.

13. Free workshop on self defence for working women – June 2011

Taking note of the spate of attacks on college going and working women in the city, we organized a free workshop on Krav Maga (Israeli Martial Art form) which enables gullible victims to defend themselves in a realistic way.

14. Free Blood donation camp – Feb 2011

In our first attempt to mobilize the working professionals of the city to serve the society, we arranged a free blood donation camp in Jayanagar. Hundreds of volunteers donated blood, the proceeds of which was given to Red Cross who expressed their sincere gratitude to us, for the gesture. Dr G Parameshwara, Shri Krishna Byre Gowda, Sri Ramalinga Reddy presided over as chief guests and expressed their commitment to the formation of Professionals Cells under the state PCC.

15. 1st conclave of KPCC Professionals Cell – Sept 2010

What started as a handful of young professionals with the burning desire to reform the political system of the nation, meeting regularly over coffee and brain storming their views, culminated in the form of a revolutionary decision to enter politics. We invited Shri Krishna Byre Gowda to guide us in the journey that were to embark upon. Close to a hundred members to be, congregated in a small guest house, to interact with Krishna. Thus, began this remarkable mission and what started as a handful folks, today spans the entire state and looking beyond.