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  • Amendment to Representation of People Act, 1951
  • Comprehensive Constituency Management System (CCMS)

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Amendment to Representation of People Act, 1951
Democracy is fully effective and efficient only if its legislature truly represents its people. For that to happen, it needs to be available and accessible to its stake holders. However, in reality, the elected/nominated representative, are hardly reachable to their people in the respective constituency offices. One of the reason behind this is the legislation - Amendment to Representation of People Act, 1951, that makes it possible for such representatives to get away scot-free. A plethora of reforms are required to make this legislation tighten the obligations of the representatives, some of which are listed below

  • A more robust eligibility criteria for candidates to contest elections
  • More stringent qualification criteria for a candidate to contest elections from a certain constituency - such as the duration of his/her residence in such constituency and acquaintance with the electorate and
  • Availability and attendance to the constituency office
  • Managing appointment system
  • Periodical audits on public interaction, initiatives, grievance redress, expenditure, documentation etc
  • Performance evaluation system
Professionals Cell has been working on a proposal to be sent to the authorities concerned to incorporate the above Kaizens into the legislation

Comprehensive Constituency Management System (CCMS)

Salient features:
Mobile apps on the handset of the residents of the constituency

  • Regular updates on the constituency development
  • Periodical announcements pertaining to the constituency
  • Alerts on planned PWD/Utilities maintenance activities
  • Regular video snippets from the MLA/MP to the residents
  • Feedback from residents on their experience with the support center
  • Suggestions from the residents to the MPA/MP

Support Center
  • Voice support
  • Email support
  • Web support
  • 7 am to 12 midnight support
  • SLA to govern the performance of the support center
  • Ticketing system for tracking purposes
  • Grievance redress
  • Appointment scheduling
  • CRM model based services
  • Operations of the support center – daily accountability meetings, periodical reporting, statistical analysis of data
  • Internal and external audits for standardization and quality monitoring.

Unique Selling Proposition of the system
  • First system of its kind – hence trend setting opportunity
  • G2P (Government to Public) model based on e-commerce (B2B, B2C) principles
  • Convergence of technology and governance
  • Scalable, modular and measurable
  • Technology agnostic
  • Absolutely free of cost to the public

  • More effective service than the conventional model which requires residents to visit the MLA/MP for information, grievance redress and/or suggestion
  • Easy and instantaneous access to MLA/MP for the public.
  • Obliterates the need for visit to the office of the MPA/MP and thus saving time and bad experiences
  • Whole new world of public service – paradigm shift
  • MLA/MP more accountable and answerable to their electorate